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Themed packs of open-ended activities to get kids creating, exploring, experimenting, hunting, and discovering their own magic!

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Completely customisable Board Game and Comic Creator Kits to let imaginations loose and ideas run wild. Making your own games and comics is so easy and fun!


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Packs are perfect for encouraging hands-on experiential learning and discovery in the classroom, using simple resources and a lot of imagination. Ideal to support play-based and inquiry-based learning.

 Packs can be reused again and again with new results each time! 

The Packs

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Inspiration Pack

Inspiration Pack

Inspiration Pack

Inspiration Pack

Inspiration Pack

Sampler Box

Head Start - Youth Creativity Hub


We’re supporting and encouraging young New Zealanders who are dreaming, working hard, and making things happen! We’re inspired by the creativity, and by the quality of what our Under-18’s are creating.

Head Start is a growing directory of NZ youth entrepreneurs, artists, filmmakers, storytellers and more, so you can find and support their innovation.

I love that I am on the subscription service, because worrying about next school holidays is officially off my to do list! It is such an added bonus to be able to pull the boxes out during a weekend and there are still cool activities the kids can do.

So it isn’t a one hit wonder! This box of inspiration keeps on giving. And the biggest bonus for me is that it has kept both my 7 year old and 11 year old entertained!

Incredible value!

Thanks Rachel for creating such an amazing collection of hands on activity! The Treasure Island survival box was much enjoyed by our two boys aged 9 and 5 and two of their friends aged 10 and 7 during a school holiday playdate. Highlights were making and playing with the oobleck (the grownups also couldn’t help but play with it too, haha). The box provided HOURS of fun and they haven’t even gotten through all the cards 🙂

Highly recommend these creative boxes!!

Wow our secret agent mission box arrived today! I am super impressed! Such meticulous attention to detail even down to the coloured rubber bands matching the theme! (yes I noticed!). Everything was so well thought out and considered and each activity encouraged open ended play and curiosity, and was a great springboard for further exploration! Excellent value for money! We’ve already made the slice, played the board game, my daughter coloured almost the entire colouring book and we read it tonight and learnt a lot about the Czech Republic in the process! And we’ve done a few of the activities so more to explore and create tomorrow and they’re thinking and learning so much! And I really appreciated the effort to be as eco-friendly as possible! Thank you so much! So much love, thought and effort has gone into this box.

(From an ex-ece teacher and ex-homeschool mum of 4 years!)

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