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Your one-stop creativity HQ for ideas, games, and activities to train up strong imaginations and powerful creativity!

The Creativity Key

Creativity lies in the unknown. It needs you to ask new  questions, and take new action. It’s challenging yourself to look at what you know in a new way.

To keep kids creative they need to play! Play is thinking practice, problem solving and having the sort of fun that makes learning stick.

We’ll get them exploring, creating, discovering, hunting, experimenting, playing, and having a great time as they grow!

Two boys engrossed in making quicksand from the Treasure Island kit


Creator Kits

Creator Kits are designed to take ideas and imagination and help turn them into something real. Choose from the Board Game Creator Kit or the Comic Book Creator Kit and make something amazing!

Downloadable Board game maker kit for kids

Inspiration Sets

Themed Inspiration Packs are full of creative activities, a simple science experiment, games, outdoor activities, and more.

All activities are designed to use only simple resources and a lot of imagination, to really draw out that natural creativity!

Downloadable Board game maker kit for kids
Kids playing Foodamon card game, playing cards onto the table

NZ-Made Creative FUN!

More creative inspiration from amazing Kiwi companies! Games from Foodamon Games, Kids Yoga from Octopus Yoga and Colouring Books by Colour Our Story, connecting kids all over the world!  

Free Printables to Download

Physical, creative and cognitive challenges to keep imaginations humming!

Daily Drawing Challenge sheet for kids drawing prompts
Rainy day bingo kids activities for rainy days
Roll a Monster free activity for kids colour
Scribble Monster Free Downloadable kids activity

Daily Drawing Challenge

Use the daily drawing challenge prompts to kickstart all sorts of weird and wonderful drawings and stories!

Three sheets of challenges, free to download and use however you can imagine.


More creative chaos…

Monkey Banana

Monkey Banana

Free Board Game Download to Print and Play!The Board Game Creator Kit comes with everything you need to create your own board game from scratch, from brainstorming ideas to playable game. I sat down with my two boys, 5 and 8, and we took it for a whirl! Earlier in the...

Dice and Draw

Download and get inspired, with this free drawing prompts generator for kids to get creativity flowing!Drawing regularly has massive benefits. It's a skill. Like any skill, the more you do it, the better you get. Having the ability to effectively translate your...

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