9 Super Summer Holiday Activities for Inspired Creative Kids

Super Summer Holiday Activities Bingo Free Downloadable Printable from Marshmallow and Mint

Christmas has been and gone, the new year has arrived. The hyper-excitement of finishing school, and Christmas coming, the big day itself, it’s all relegated to the memory of 2019.

2020 is here, and the long hot days of summer are stretching out ahead. 

Having the kids home during the holidays for weeks on end can make those days really, really long sometimes!

Don’t you wish somebody would just sort your kids some easy summer holiday activities? With ideas that use things you have around the house, simple ideas the kids can do independently or work on together that don’t need a lot of adult input. Ideas that will keep them working together for hours or even days. Ideas that will keep them motivated, engaged, busy, and NOT complaining of boredom or fighting, even?

Well, consider your wish granted!

Here are 9 ideas to keep your kids inspired all holidays long. It’s all about giving them a starting point, and seeing what happens. No rules, no expected outcome. Let their imaginations go wild.

Download the free printable here, and follow along for more detail and inspiration for each of the summer holiday activities. In the meantime, here’s a summary of each!

Summer Holiday Activities

Learn something new!

Having a lot of free time is the perfect time to get a new skill down to show off when you get back to school. Choose something to learn, then just keep going until you’ve got it. Need some inspiration? What about learning to juggle, do a handstand, ride a skateboard, finish a Rubiks cube, learn a new scooter trick? The world is your oyster.

Build a backyard Ninja Warrior course

Start with whatever you have lying around, and create your own challenging obstacle course around your backyard. Include things that make you jump, balance, crawl, and climb. Keep making it more challenging as you master it.

Turn your chalk outline into a monster

Lie on some concrete, and get someone to draw around you with chalk. Do the same for them. Then use the chalk to add to your outline and turn yourselves into monsters. You could add an eye or 3, horns, spikes, hair, a tail….whatever you like.

Build a house of cards

It’s harder than you’d think. Balance cards together to create a stack you can build upwards. How many cards and levels can you get into your card house? How high can it go? Challenge someone to see who can get the most cards in, or the highest.

Draw a picture with your eyes closed

Close your eyes and get someone to describe a scene. While your eyes are closed, draw what they are describing. When they are finished, open your eyes and check out your masterpiece. Now swap over, and describe a picture for them. It can be as crazy as you like.

Create a treasure hunt

Hide some treasure, then write or draw a clue leading to the treasure. Hide the clue, and write or draw another clue leading to the first clue. Keep going until you think your hunt is long enough. Send someone out to follow your clues and find your treasure.

Melt ice with salt

An awesome activity for a hot day. Freeze some water in something you can take the ice out of as a big block, then take the ice outside. Sprinkle salt on it and watch how it melts. There’s lots of really interesting experiments you can try, including freezing things inside the ice to discover, and using coloured salt to see the patterns as it melts. 

Paint and hide rocks

Paint your own designs onto rocks, seal them and take them to a local park to hide, and let strangers discover your treasure. Check to see whether you have a local rock painting group on Facebook. You might even discover someone else’s painted rock while you are hiding yours!

Invent a new game

Like learning something new, this one is completely up to your imagination. First decide what type of game you want to create. Will you make up a board game, dice game, card game, movement game, ball game, word game, or something else? We’d love to see what you come up with!

Print your own Super Summer Bingo sheet

Download in full colour, or black and white

Choose which version of our summer holiday activities suits you best – the full colour, or the colourable black and white version? We’ll be diving a bit deeper into each activity over the summer to find more ideas and inspiration, so we’ll keep you updated as we do! 

Super summer holiday activities colour downloadable printable
Super Summer Bingo summer holiday activities black and white printable

More holiday inspiration

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The holidays can get even easier – it’s true! We’ll send you a box full of ideas based around a theme, with creative activities, science activities, outdoor activities, a scavenger hunt, a baking mix and more, that kids can tap into and take as far as their imaginations can go.

That’s a looong way!

And we’ll give you everything you need in the box to get started. It’s the completely hassle-free solution to the school holidays. 

The activities use simple resources so it’s easy to replace them in the reuseable packs and be ready to go again! They are suitable for multiple kids to collaborate and build off each others ideas, and the open-ended activities mean they are suitable for a huge age range.

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