You want your children to be happy, healthy, engaged, excited and motivated to explore and create. Like most things, a little bit of work behind the scenes goes a long way towards making things happen and lighting that spark of motivation.

Recently, COVID-19 has given teachers and parents an experience of a different ways of teaching and learning. What does it look like when we give our kids more space to direct and challenge their own learning, and how do we help them to push their boundaries into new realms of discovery. Because there is always that never-ending list of tasks that need to be done! Finding the headspace to find or create ideas – that’s not easy.

I created Marshmallow and Mint as a parent who wanted a storehouse of screen-free activity ideas on hand that would get my kids imagining and creating. Ideas they could take and make into something no one had ever seen before. Ideas that would be easy for them to do themselves, but things they could do with others. I wanted open-ended activities my boys could do together, each contributing their own ideas, collaborating to make something awesome and learning from each other.

When lockdown happened, Marshmallow and Mint was a lifesaver. We were ready to go! And it evolved, with the addition of the Daily Drawing Challenge getting kids all over NZ creative every day at home and teachers using the ideas with their classes.

Marshmallow and Mint is simply about giving kids space and inspiration to practice using their imaginations in new ways. Creative skills include problem solving, resilience, cooperation, and initiative – amazing life skills for our kids to take into their futures.


Rachel x

Rachel sits on the grass under trees, surrounded by her 3 children

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