7 Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas For Kids

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Kids Activities

The best free kids activity for anyone, anywhere, anytime – plus free printable!

As far as kids activities go, there’s not a lot that are as versatile and adaptable as the humble scavenger hunt. Here’s our top reasons why we love them! You might just find yourself reaching for them more than you’d think. Click here to get our free printable Scavenger Hunt Starter Sheet!  


1. They are free…

Enough said?


2. Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Everyone enjoys the challenge of a hunt, even (or especially!) the little ones. It’s so easy to just adapt the game to who is playing.

And you don’t actually need anything to play, just a pen and paper if you want to make it a bit more complex. Which makes it perfect if you are out and about and need to fill in time, or at home and need a quick distraction!

They work indoors and outdoors, so wherever you are, it’s the perfect go-to.


3. Scavenger Hunts are great for their brains

Kids learn best when all their senses are engaged. Getting them to move around, and use their eyes, ears and hands is not just play. It’s serious brain building going on!

Learning to sustain attention on a task is an important skill, and like most things, play is by far the most effective way to learn it. Add in a challenge, and a bit of healthy competition, and it only gets better.

They are also practising deduction skills and problem solving!


4. They can do it themselves

Encouraging independent play is every parents goal, and there is nothing to stop kids developing their own hunts for themselves and their friends once they get the hang of it.

You can guarantee they’ll come up with better ideas than we could anyway.

Print our free Scavenger Hunt Starter Sheet to get them started and see what they come up with!

Want more Scavenger Hunts?

Once you get started, it’s hard to stop! Each of our activity sets includes a themed Scavenger Hunt that goes with the set.

You can find our Downloadable Digital Sets here, with a whole lot of open-ended inspirational ideas to get kids imagining, creating, experimenting and discovering.

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