The Ultimate Comic Creator Kit

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Comic drawing is perfect for kids who are overflowing with stories, characters, and ideas. Are there intricate drawings everywhere you look? Help them develop and expand their ideas into their own unique comics.

The Comic Creator Kit has guides and templates to take them through the process of developing characters, stories, and layouts, to capture their imagination and show them that nothing is impossible!

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Comic drawing is something special.

It's storytelling. It's expression. It's imagination.

Drawing is how a kid can tell an amazingly detailed, intricate story, or describe something they have created purely in their imagination, when they may not have the words to say it. A picture tells 1000 words, right?

They may even prefer it when they have the words! Everyone has to find the best way for them to communicate their unique ideas with the world. The world needs their ideas.

Now, being able to take those ideas and develop them into something deeper, that's a skill that must be learned. Like any skill, it's best learned through experience. Also like any skill, it's learned faster with the right guidance.

The Comic Creator Kit contains templates to guide kids through the process of comic drawing. From developing a character, to creating the story, to layout and putting it all together, it will be there when they need some help with where to go next. It reveals the next step.

It doesn't tell them what to do. It doesn't give them ideas. It doesn't tell them exactly what they'll end up with.

There's no 'learning goal'. But there's SO much opportunity to learn! And they will, as they go. They'll learn what they need to learn, because they want to.

With The Comic Creator kit, they can customise it as much or as little as they like. It gives them the flexibility to play with their ideas and try things. They can use as much of it as they want or need to.

They can come back to it again, and again, and again. It's their ideas, so it's going to work differently every single time, and meet them where they're at with comic drawing.

The Comic Creator kit is a downloadable, printable set we'll send straight to your inbox, so you can get started straight away. Just print the pages you need when you need them.

Here's what you'll get:

1 x Comic Creator Guide

Introduces the 3 parts to the kit. Character Development, Story Development, and Layout.

4 x Character Development Sheets 

Know Your Character; Character Design; Model Sheet - Faces; Model Sheet - Poses

4 x Story Development Sheets

Dice and Draw Idea Generator; Brainstorm Sheet; Plot Template Sheet; Thumbnails Template Sheet

Comic Basics Sheet

A helpful resource for layouts, speech, and other comic drawing elements

7 x Layout Templates

Seven different templates to start kids off in getting their comic drawing in a real format. Print as you need to fit the story.


More Comic Drawing For Kids

This set is the perfect sidekick to the Super Power Inspiration Set, to help kids power up their superhero comics to the next level!

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