Monkey Banana

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Free Board Game Download to Print and Play!

The Board Game Creator Kit comes with everything you need to create your own board game from scratch, from brainstorming ideas to playable game.

I sat down with my two boys, 5 and 8, and we took it for a whirl! Earlier in the day we had talked about possible games, so we went through the Game Storm Brainstorm with one of our ideas.

It walked us through exactly what we needed for our game.

Then all we had to do was choose the best board template from the kit, and get started.

Check out our demo video below for exactly how we made it!

It probably took us about 2-3 hours from start to finish. Then I could easily take the prototype game and turn it into the digital version, that you can download and get the free board game here.

Monkey Banana – The Game

Monkey Banana is a game for 2-4 players. Move around the tree collecting bananas. The winner is the first monkey to get 20 bananas in their basket. But you can’t hold more than 6 at a time, or you’ll drop them and have to start collecting again.¬†

The trick is getting the balance right about when to return to your basket to put in the bananas you have. Leave it too long, and you’ll end up with too many bananas. Too often, and someone else might fill their basket first!


Download the free board game

Print in colour, or choose black and white for some extra creative colouring!

Just click on the image you want to get your free printable game set, with game board, how to play, banana cards, banana tokens, and dice/charcter sheet! If you already have dice or tokens you want to use, just print the pages you want.