Free Activity Downloads

Click on the image to download a pdf copy, then print or use on a device. Tag @marshmallowandmint if you share creations on social media – we’d love to see!

Rainy day bingo kids activities for rainy days
Roll a pirate game for kids in colour
Roll a pirate game for kids in black and white
how was your day? great questions to ask your kids about their day printable poster colour
how was your day? great questions to ask your kids about their day printable poster black and white

Free Printable Board Games

We’ve made a demo game using the Board Game Creator Kit! It’s fun and it’s free for you to download and play, in colour or black and white! 

Monkey Banana is a game for 2-4 players. Move around the tree, collect bananas, and return them to your basket. But you can’t hold more than 6 at a time, or you’ll drop them.

Can you be Monkey Banana champion?


We were so inspired by the NZ Bear Hunt during lockdown, we turned it into a board game!

Print, colour and play, and you can go bear hunting anytime.

You could even add things that you’ve discovered from your neighbourhood when you’ve been out bear hunting!

All you’ll need to play is a dice (or dice app), and a token for each player.

Board Game Creator Kit

Do you have kids that would love to create their own board game, but the design logistics of it gets in their way? The Board Game Creator Kit makes it easy to take any idea and turn it into a fun, playable game. It’s got templates for everything they’ll need. Just bring along a good dose of imagination!

Themed Downloadable Activity Sets

Love these activities, and want more? Each themed Marshmallow and Mint set has creative activities, a science experiment, outdoor activities, games and more. It’s all designed to get kids creativity flowing, and building their confidence in trying their own ideas!

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