Inspiration Gift Box

A small box packed full of unlimited possibilities!

You choose your inspiration, by creating the perfect gift box for the little creatives in your life.

Build creativity and imagination by connecting your kids with themselves, and with other kids from all over the world.

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Kids have ideas. They are overflowing with them! And they are great ideas, because they're not bound by what is "possible". What if we could help kids discover how to give their ideas wings? What if our kids understood their own super powers?

An Inspiration Box is designed with no end in mind. It won't tell your kids exactly what they need to do. They need to work it out themselves, using simple resources and a lot of imagination. Imagination and creativity are like muscles. We all have them, but the more you use them, the stronger they get. And they are the foundation of a lot of life skills, including problem solving, resilience, and being able to work well with others.

An Inspiration Box is like being in a room with many doors, each one leading to more ideas, discovery, and fun.

It's a world of freedom to explore ideas. There's no wrong answers. There's no "right" way to go. What they create today will be different to someone else - and different to what they can create tomorrow. It's flexible and open-ended to suit however they think, and whatever they know.

The discovery is about them. What they can do, and what they are capable of doing. It's about curiosity, wonder, laughter, and working together.

There's creative activities, a science experiment, outdoor activities, a photo scavenger hunt and game ideas. They'll uncover a superhero code name and powers for the whole family. They'll create, experiment, explore, discover, hunt, bake, and play - and be totally inspired.

Kids can read and initiate the activities themselves. They can work together co-operatively, independently, or with an adult. By leading the activities themselves, they are empowered to go wherever their imagination takes them. There is no right way to do the activities - in fact we encourage experimentation and discovery!

Working together builds lifelong skills in co-operation and negotiation. When they are working towards a goal, but with no set outcome, everyone can contribute ideas and learn from each other. They can try things, test ideas, assess and adapt. There is no limit to what they can create!

Pack your Inspiration Gift Box!

Choose from themed Inspiration Sets, inspiring prints from Little Inspiration Factory, a Foodamon card game, a delicious Lots Of baking mix and/or a Colour Our Story colouring book! Mix and match to create your perfect box.

Treasure Island

Hoist your sails and polish your hook, we’re off to sail the seven seas! Create maps, sink in quicksand, play pirate card games, and go on a treasure hunt.

Enchanted Forest

The forest is calling, adventure awaits! We'll kick start their imaginations by giving them their own fairy name, and suggestions for magical books, songs and family movies.

Up, Up, and Away! 

Get ready for imagination to take flight! They'll have their own pilot name, and suggestions for uplifting books, songs and family movies. They'll be creating and flying kites and paper airplanes, and blowing incredible giant bubbles!

Secret Agent Mission 

Your secret agent mission, should you choose to accept it…

…is to inspire kids to explore their own imagination and use their creativity in new ways. They'll decode their own secret agent identity, create and solving codes, play games, explore secret worlds, and more!

Super Power! 

Superheroes, it’s time for some serious super power. Everything you need to spark endless ideas. They'll uncover a superhero code name and powers for the whole family. They'll create their own superheroes and villains, invent machines, make real electrical circuits, and draw their own superhero comic!

Kiwi Kids Collection

Take a look at these incredible NZ made goodies you can add to your box for the ultimate pack!

Colour Our Story Colouring Books

Creativity Without Borders

We are so proud to support this social enterprise and be able to bring you these gorgeous colouring books, created by children, for children!

Colour Our Story facilitates the creation of colouring-in books by children for children across the world. These books are designed to empower, inspire and create a real sense of connection, empathy and global citizenship through the thereupeutic power of storytelling and creativity.

Children exchange books with other children in a different part of the world while more books are created and sold to the public. All proceeds provide creative opportunities, supplies and art therapy for children in the most need; they may be orphans, refugees, hospital patients, those recovering from trauma or disadvantaged in other ways.

It's a beautiful way to connect children with what life is like for other children living in very different places to themselves.

Little Inspiration Factory Prints

Uplift, empower and inspire your kids (or your whole household) with this bright, powerful word art!

Perfect in kids bedrooms for practicing daily affirmations.

Designed and printed in New Zealand.

Word art fits 8 x 10" (20 x 25cm) frame (as seen in display photo), but comes in A4 size so will also fit A4 frames with a wider section of black background visible.

Print only - frame not included.

Available in black and white backgrounds. Choose your colour, and add a print to add to their collection with every Inspiration Box!

Find out more about Little Inspiration Factory here

Foodamon Card Game

Which food provides you with the most energy for running around? What can you eat to make sure your body works at its best? Which foods will help your super-hero muscles to grow?

Learn all this and more when you play the Foodamon family card game! A game inspired by two Kiwi kids in NZ, for children around the world to enjoy!

Find out more about Foodamon here

'Lots Of' Baking Mixes

Home baking without the mess! An absolutely delicious and fun activity to do with kids, creating memories and experiences. Stress free, with all natural ingredients and old fashioned recipes, it's home baking at it's best.

Find out more about Lots Of here


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