Daily Drawing Challenge Prompt Sheet

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Lots of fun kids drawing prompts for weeks of daily drawing. Free PDF download!

Exercise their imaginations, and help them become strong, resilient problem solvers who are empowered to communicate in the way that works best for them.



Help kids of every age build confidence in their creativity, with these free fun kids drawing prompts for daily practice.

The Daily Drawing Challenge isn’t about improving drawing skills (that’s a side benefit). It’s about practising using imagination.

This set of prompts is designed to help kids break through the barrier of not knowing where to start. How they interpret it is entirely up to them. If they go on a total tangent – that’s awesome! It’s giving them the freedom to follow their ideas, and maybe surprise themselves with where they end up.

Encourage story-building with open-ended questions and conversations about what is happening, allowing it to develop, change and grow. 

And as they share what they are doing with others, they’re also building oral language skills, fine motor skills, drawing skills, and growing confidence in their own creativity.

Drawing is a valuable form of communication that:

  • Increases fine motor skills
  • Allows self-expression and promotes imagination
  • Involves problem solving skills
  • Allows independent decision making
  • Builds resilience
  • Increases observation skills
  • Is enjoyable, relaxing and mindful
  • Shows clear developmental progression
  • Has therapeutic benefits
  • Communicates their unique perspective to others
  • Is universally understood
  • Is freely available to every student, whatever level they are at


Each fun prompt is designed to get kids thinking outside the box. Exercising their imaginations is important to develop strong problem solvers who have the confidence in their own ideas to imagine and explore new ideas.

Each Daily Drawing Challenge Prompt Sheet has 5 weeks of prompts (25 prompts).

Please join The Daily Drawing Challenge Facebook group for more free prompts to use at home or  in your class. You are also welcome to share success stories or struggles in the group too.

How to use the Daily Drawing Challenge Prompt Sheet

How you use the prompts each day is up to you. Start with as little as 5 or 10 minutes free drawing time a day, and see what fits you and your class.

Use as a free choice activity, or as a whole class daily imagination warm-up!

The key with the Daily Drawing Challenge is that there is no right or wrong way to draw. It’s having fun that’s important. Let students interpret it in any way they like. Let them talk and discuss their drawings with each other. They’ll inspire and learn from each other.

If stories evolve from the drawings (and they will!), they can be extended into writing prompts as well, or use drama or technology to capture the story of the drawing in creative ways.

Feedback from Teachers

“My class loved the Christmas drawing challenge. Some were worried that they didn’t get finished today, but we still have time. I loved it when one of the students came up and asked if she could have racing penguins instead of reindeer. Creativity at its best. I also love that my class don’t always follow the rules.” – Anna

“Love these – my class loved the drawing challenges as one of the independent tasks while I was testing” – Claire



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