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The place to find and support under-18 creatives in NZ

New Zealand is full of amazingly creative people of all ages. We want to give our under-18 entrepreneurs, artists, film-makers, storytellers, inventors, designers and more a place to shine and show us what they’ve got.

We’ll collect a bit about what they do right here, and show you how to contact them and support their creativity.

Thanks for encouraging young New Zealanders to follow their dreams, explore their creativity, and bring their innovation to the world!



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D o o d l e

My name is Ashlee and I own the business d o o d l e.

I’m a 14 year old girl with a dream to one day open my very own stationery shop! For now I’ve started making hair ties and scrunchies to get me up and running. The business slogan OWN WHO YOU ARE is very simple, but meaningful. When you give yourself the power to just be you, yourself and everyone around you becomes so much happier. The biggest message I can possibly try and send to as many people as possible is to don’t care what others think of you and be yourself around the people that mean the most to you.



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