Super Power Classroom Set

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Investigate codes and explore computational thinking games! Create, explore, experiment, discover, hunt, and play – everything is open-ended to encourage imagination, and collaborative discovery and learning.

Develop the theme and take it your own way to take it wherever the learning is going.

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The Super Power Pack is full of creative classroom ideas, games, outdoor activities, inspiration and experiments. It’s ideal for prompting multi-disciplinary independent exploration around a theme the students can really dive deep into and enjoy.

Students are easily able to access what they need to get started, and be inspired to take the activities beyond the cards. Each card is an open-ended provocation to take a basic idea, add imagination, and see where it can go. As the teacher, you have the opportunity to see where their interests lead and guide further learning. The open-ended activities allow questions, ideas and discoveries to develop naturally and spontaneously.

Creativity, experimentation and collaboration is highly encouraged. There is no right or wrong way to do the activities, which can be done as independent extension activities, collaborative group activities, or used as a basis for a larger unit.

The Super Power Pack helps students explore literacy and the arts, creating meaning through storytelling, dialogue and visual communication. It also encompasses science and technology, investigating and understanding an electric circuit and prompting new ways of applying knowledge. Themed games are included to get kids moving, interacting and having fun with the theme and with each other.

The Super Power Pack contains the following activities:

  • Find Your Super Hero Name
  • Design a Super Suit + Super Suit Design Lab Sheet + Evil Suit Design Lab Sheet
  • Invent a Super Power Machine
  • Create a Superhero Comic + Superhero Comic Planner Sheet
  • Power Up Electronic circuit activity
  • Outdoor Bingo
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Roll a Villain Game
  • Super Simon Says Game
  • Inspiring books, songs and movie ideas to suit the theme and encourage further exploration

Key Competencies

Also included is a Teacher Resource Sheet demonstrating how the activities can build together within the classroom, and links to the Key Competencies.


For the Super Power pack, you might want:

  • Paper
  • Pens/pencils
  • Basic electronic equipment
    • Battery box and batteries
    • Wires
    • Switch
    • Motor
    • Fan

Note: The basic electronic equipment is easily available from electronic stores or online, if you don’t already have them at your school (raid any electronic sets you have!). The discount code MandM¬†will give you a 10% discount you can use at if you choose to buy their tinker tiles to use. We’d recommend the tinker tiles because they are awesome, but it’s totally up to you.

A Creative Classroom

An Inspiration Pack in your classroom with many doors, each one leading to more ideas, discovery, and fun. It’s a world of freedom to explore ideas. There’s no wrong answers. There’s no “right” way to go. What they create today will be different to someone else – and different to what they can create tomorrow. It’s flexible and open-ended to suit however they think, and whatever they know.

The discovery is about them. What they can do, and what they are capable of doing. It’s about curiosity, wonder, laughter, and working together.¬†Working together builds lifelong skills in co-operation and negotiation. When they are working towards a goal, but with no set outcome, everyone can contribute ideas and learn from each other. They can try things, test ideas, assess and adapt. There is no limit to what they can create!

The Super Power Pack is available as:

  • Single set of 11 A5 activity cards + Comic Planner digital file + 2 x Suit Design Lab digital files + Teacher Resource Sheet digital file
  • Class set of 88 A5 activity cards (8 sets of 11 cards) + Comic Planner digital file + 2 x Suit Design Lab digital files + Teacher Resource Sheet Digital File
  • Instant A4 Digital Download Set – Colour (1 download)
  • Instant A4 Digital Download Set – Black/White (1 download)


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  6. Intended for classroom and personal use ONLY.
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More comics, you say?

If your students love drawing and comics, and want to take their superhero comic to the next level, The Comic Creator Kit will help them do just that! It’s full of templates that will help them develop their ideas and characters into amazing comics of their own.



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Digital Download Set – Colour, Digital Download Set – Black and White, Single Set of A5 Cards, Class Set of A5 Cards (8 sets)


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